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This is the new home of NJ7P.INFO and NJ7P.ORG. I have decided to move this server to a host on This will provide much faster downloads than the server in my house on a slow DSL connection. It also puts the effort to stop hackers/spammers in the capable hands of the folks at!

With the move to the new server, I am reorganizing the pages. All the top pages can be reached from this Home page. This page will be updated as I add material and change the Page Tree of the site. Please let me know of any problems at NJ7P AT NJ7P DOT ORG.

AX.25 27 Aug 17 Version
AX.25 28 Aug 17 Version (w/ John W. comments)
AX.25 3 Sep 17 Version (w/ complete old SDL)
AX.25 10 Sep 17 Version (w/ complete old SDL and John L. erratta)
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Support files for my SIMH Simulators
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Military List 2
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