Intel MDS-800/MDS-I Systems

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This is a new page covering the Intel MDS-800 System.

This System was introduced in 1976 provide a Microprocessor Development System for the 8080 and later 8085 processors. It was one fo the first multibus I systems. Used for later CP/M-80 Version 2.2 development.

Technical References

Intellec MDS Hardware Reference Manual 76 9800132C

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Restoration of an MDS-800 system

I restored a system based on the board set from an MDS-800 as described below:

Restoration of a baord set of an MDS-800 system [16 Oct 16]

Monitor Source Code

Mon8/80 Ver 2.0 for MDS-800 [5 May 1977]
Mon8/80 Ver 3.0 for MDS-800 [4 Jan 1978]

MDS Diskette Operating System

Introduced in 1976. Ran on the MDS-800. Was the precursor to ISIS-II.

Intel Systems Implementation Supervisor II (ISIS-II)

Introduced in 1978. This was Intels home grown Operating System. It ran from Single Density or Double Density 8-inch Floppy Disks. The SD was IBM 3740 format, but the DD was encoded as M2FM, which was not IBM 34 compatible. This requires operational MDS or special tools and systems to read these 8-inch disks. This OS ran on the MDS-800/MDS-I and MDS-II systems.

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Last updated: 16 September 2017