Intel ISIS-II Operating Systems and CUSPs

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This is a new page covering my work with the Intel Systems Implementation Supervisor II (ISIS-II) Operating System.

I have spent a lot of time disassembling these different versions of ISIS-II and the tools that that ran under it. I have generated a 7Z file which contains the tools, disk images, and configuration files to generate assembler source files for OS versions and tools listed below and validate the code generated at the binary level to the original binary code. My tools do not create the AOMF executables used by ISIS-II

Mark Ogden has created PLM-80 source for some versions of ISIS-II and some CUSPs. I hope to be able the generate the PLM80 source for all these versions but that takes a lot of time. I have used the tools and tricks than Mark uses but it is certainly not a complete solution. One could develop a program that would read in the assembler source and produce PLM80, but that would also take a great deal of work. A link to Marks reverse engineering.

A link to my Intel Manuals.

What Is In This Archive

Herb Johnson suggested I include the following explaination on the archive.

This archive contains the binary programs associated with ISIS-II (all known versions), an Intel operating system for their 8080 based Multibus development systems. There's also tool programs which are C-sourced and compiled under MS-DOS, to provide 8080 disassemblies and re-assemblies of these programs. The disassemblies "sources" themselves are not included. Use the tools to generate the disassemblies, under a 32-bit MS-DOS command-line environment, such as is available in versions of Windows.

The tools were written by Bill Beech and rewwritten during the 2010's. The ISIS binaries were collected by Bill Beech and others over decades.

Root folder of archive

There's a number of file-folders, for each Intel ISIS program set, as many ISIS programs used "overlays" or multiple program execution files.

The file folders contain an ASM, CFG, DISASM, and ORIG subfolder.

The CFG folder contains the .CFG files which drive the disassembler.

ASM, DISASM, and ORIG folders in the program folder, are empty and for use with the disassembler.

The ORIG folder is used to extract the AOMF executables from either the disk image or 7Z file. Then the AOMF files are converted into binary files (.BIN) and copied to the DISASM folder.

The DISASM folder is used to disassemble the binary files into assembler source files (.ASM). These files are copied to the ASM folder.

The ASM folder is where the source files are assembled and then compared to the original binary source files.

There's also a series of .BAT files for each Intel ISIS program. Those batch files under MS-DOS, operate with the programs and folders in this archive. Look at one of the batch files, to see how it calls upon the file folders and contents in this archive.

There's folder "bin", which contains the MS-DOS assemblers and disassemblers to be called by the batch files. Sources for these programs, are available on another part of the archive Web site. The batch files, extract the binary from the Disk Images folder.

There's a folder "Disk Images", which contains 1) ISIS OS disk image files in the .IMG disk-image format; and 2) .7z files which contain the BINARIES of the ISIS programs archived here. The batch files, extract the binary from the Disk Images folder.

Current ISIS-II OS and CUSPs Disassembly

ISIS-II Disassembly Archive
ASM48 UPI41 V4.0 1980
ASM51 V2.0 1981
ASM51 V2.1 1983
ASM80_V1.1_1977 - ROM Version used in the MDS 210
ASM80 V3.0 1979
ASM80 V4.0 1980
ASM80 V4.1 1981
EDIT_V1.1_1977 - ROM Version used in the MDS 210
FORT80 V2.0 1978
FORT80 V2.1 1978
IPPS V1.4 1984
ISIS-II PROM Mapper V2.0 1978
ISIS-II PROM Mapper V2.1 1980
ISIS-II V4.2 (W) - For an iSBC-215G Winchester (ST-506) hard drive
ISIS-II V4.3 (W) - For an iSBC-215G Winchester (ST-506) hard drive
ISIS-II V4.3 (WSI) - For a SCSI/SASI interface board and hard drive
OSIRIS_V3.0_1979 - The Operating System from Rogers HD
PLM80 V3.0 1976
PLM80 V4.0 1977
RL51 V3.0 1983
UTILS V2.2 1982 - contains OBJHEX V2.2 and HEXOBJ V2.2

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Last updated: 24 November 2017